What are you doing now to awaken your full quality of life potential?

  • Do you feel you need some new capabilities to deal with today’s rapid changes?
  • Are you motivated to increase your sense of wellbeing and ability to balance your life?
  • Would you like to be engaged with a trusted source of knowledge and advice who will be your advocate?

If you answered yes to these questions I can help you. I suggest you take a ‘test drive’ with me to gain some confidence that what I offer truly meets your needs in a way that you can understand and use in everyday life.

I help clients to heal the past, release the future and create harmony in the present. I’m trained in the oldest technologies available. I’m a Reiki Master, a Ph.D and have lived a lifetime.

I help people learn how to quickly enhance their quality of life and unlike most approaches to wellbeing, I integrate wisdom across a number of ancient traditional healing arts.

I am interested in helping people to learn how to cope with the radical changes in work and life which surround us, and to that end, I’m launching an integrated suite of development services.

This is a total ‘opt in’ process. I suggest you browse through my blog roll by going here. If you like what you read, find it intriguing and do your own searching, then I invite you to reach out to me directly and we can begin a conversation.

I have come to this from my own personal journey through traumatic stress, frustration with charlatans, plus careful searching for authentic compassion and wisdom. I am lucky to have made that journey successfully. Now I want to help others achieve the same.